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We set out to totally redesign the saddle bags we had a love/hate relationship with when we raced professionally. When you're on an 8 hour ride in the Tucson desert, you want to have everything you might need for repairs, but also for these things to stay compact enough to not get in the way of pedaling. And when you ride all the time, the velcro strap is the first thing to go. So we got rid of it, and replaced it with a ski strap from Voile. Nearly unbreakable, the ski strap won’t wear out, and it's quick and easy to use. This single-strap system allows us to skip the shorts-chafing seat post strap while keeping the attachment rock solid, regardless of contents. 

Made out of Dimension Polyant VX42 X-Pac; a high-tech laminate made here in the USA. Originally designed for racing sails in America Cup boats this resulted in an extremely abrasion resistant, waterproof (to 200 psi!), hydroscopic (Doesn’t absorb moisture), UV resistant, and tear resistant fabric. VX42 is stronger and lighter than most fabrics on the market. Another benefit to being a laminate is that the exterior of our saddle bag is black, while the interior is white, allowing you to see the contents of your bag more easily.

An asymmetrical waterproof zipper allows for easier access to contents while the bag is still attached to the bike. No more needing to remove your bag every time you need to access a tool. Removing the bag from the bike reveals an extra 1.5" of zipper for a wider opening and easier packing. The waterproof zipper compliments the X-Pac body ensuring the saddle bag will be up for the task at hand, whether road riding in the rain, or gravel grinding through mud.

Available in 3 sizes: 20, 25, and 30 cubic inches, depending on what you like to carry. Whether you like to carry 1 or 2 tubes, or ride road, mountain, or gravel. You meticulously selected every component on your bike. Why settle for just any saddle bag?

SB20 // 20 cubic inches (4x2.5x2") - Ultra compact - Fits up to 1x road tube, multitool, tires levers, patch kit, and CO2. Can fit up to two road tubes with all the air let out, but a tighter fit.

SB25 // 25 cubic inches (4x2.5x2.5")  - Standard - Fits 2x road tubes/1x gravel tube, multitool, tire levers, patch kit, and CO2. 

SB30 // 30 cubic inches (4x2.5x3")  - Dirt/Gravel - Fits 1x 29er tube or 2x gravel tubes, multitool, tire levers, patch kit, CO2


  • Constructed out of extremely abrasion resistant Dimension Polyant X-Pac VX42
  • Lightweight, tear resistant, and waterproof (to 200 psi!) fabric
  • Hypalon patch protects against seatpost hardware
  • Waterproof #5 zipper
  • 3M reflective tab
  • Custom Voile ski strap


  • Single ski strap keeps bag secure, and removes the need for an additional strap around the seatpost
  • Voile ski strap is nearly indestructible and won’t wear out
  • Asymmetrical zipper allows access while on the bike, and wider opening for repacking tools
  • VX42 laminate has a white interior making the inside of the bag easier to see

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