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Orucase Cycling Saddle Bag
Orucase Cycling Saddle Bag
Saddle Bag - orucase
Saddle Bag

Saddle Bag

$29.00 $29.00


You’ve meticulously selected every component of your bike for optimum performance and appearance. Why would you settle for just any saddle bag? The Orucase Saddle Bag is the first to feature a ski strap attachment system, which prevents shaking and rattling and will never wear out or chafe your shorts like normal hook-and-loop fasteners. The compact and sleek design comes in two sizes so you can carry only what you need or as much as you like, whether you ride mountain or road. Waterproof X-PAC fabric by Dimension-Polyant protects the contents of the bag from the harshest of elements.

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