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It all started with compact bike bags for flying. We didn’t set out to create a whole new category in bike travel cases - we simply saw bike fees as an obstacle that stood in the way of reaching our goals in cycling. Ten years later - now we're ‘recovering roadies’ and more about the experience of riding rather than our performance.

Now don’t get us wrong - high performance gear is what we do - all products have a lifetime guarantee and use the best materials available. But we’ve come to relish the experience of riding, seeing nature's sights, and meeting people around the world. In fact we think performance and experience combine synergistically to form an axiomatic truth - by having long-lasting gear you can travel, meet more cultures and see more sights, which only reinforces your commitment to making the world a better place for current and future generations, and flows right back into sustainable, long-lasting gear for your adventures.

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bike travel cases

Home of the original bike fee avoiding bicycle travel cases. The B2 and Airport Ninja are the smallest, lightest, and stealthiest bike cases in the world. Designed and tested by cyclists, our cases have over 100,000 flights on them, and have saved over $10 million in bike fees.


A Scientific Approach to Designing a Duffel For Outdoor Sports Athletes

A Scientific Approach to Designing a Duffel For Outdoor Sports Athletes

I. ABSTRACT As a do’er of many different types of bikes and outdoor sports, one persistent challenge I’ve faced is how to keep the stink from the day's dirty kit off of anything clean that's still left in my bag. At times it's been seriously difficult, especially during long crit series where I am on the road for weeks, leaping around from hotel to the next. Obviously a regular old bag or a plastic tub works perfectly when coming home from a weeknight ride or a session in the climbing gym, but for trips where the pace of your adventure leaves no time or ability to do laundry, more often than not, everything in the bag gets stinky pretty quick.

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Losing Toenails in The Sierras

Losing Toenails in The Sierras

Last month Colin and I came up with this ridiculous idea for a hike. Leaving from Horseshoe Meadows, near Lone Pine California, we decided to attempt this 70-mile 4-day backpacking trip as an overnight run/hike. Normally our trips aren’t quite like this, but this October, my wife and I are expecting our first kiddo, and I wanted some type 2 fun before she arrives. When the days were short this past winter, I picked up trail running during the week because it was so convenient - over time I found that I also enjoyed it. Running gave me a fresh perspective on the trails behind the shop I’d been riding for the past 8 years. I decided to keep running through the summer, along with riding and racing at the track.Colin has a fair bit more experience in trail running than I do, and when this trip idea came up, it sounded perfect to both of us. Just stupid enough that we had a good amount of doubt in being able to finish it, but also amazing enough that if we did, we’d be talking about it for years to come.

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