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Losing Toenails in The Sierras

Last month Colin and I came up with this ridiculous idea for a hike. Leaving from Horseshoe Meadows, near Lone Pine California, we decided to attempt this 70-mile 4-day backpacking trip as an overnight run/hike. Normally our trips aren’t quite like this, but this October, my wife and I are expecting our first kiddo, and I wanted some type 2 fun before she arrives. When the days were short this past winter, I picked up trail running during the week because it was so convenient - over time I found that I also enjoyed it. Running gave me a fresh perspective on the trails behind the shop I’d been riding for the past 8 years. I decided to keep running through the summer, along with riding and racing at the track.Colin has a fair bit more experience in trail running than I do, and when this trip idea came up, it sounded perfect to both of us. Just stupid enough that we had a good amount of doubt in being able to finish it, but also amazing enough that if we did, we’d be talking about it for years to come.

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