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Orucase Gear Straps

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A gear strap can be so much more than just a strap when you combine it with your own imagination.

It could be a sling, a slingshot, a headband, a tourniquet, a splint, a belt, it can make your trousers into gaiters and a gator into a friendly teddy bear: It’s your rubber Swiss army knife for almost any eventuality.

Perfect for bikers, bike packers, backpackers, overlanders, underlanders and everyone in between.  

Get some gear straps, and un strap your imagination.


ONE STRAP, MANY USES: Secure, bundle, and attach almost anything to your bicycle.

BE PREPARED: Repair, reattach, and ride on after the unexpected. Accidents happen. Avoid being stranded on the road or trail.

EAST TO USE: Simply loop the strap around your frame and attach with hook and loop fastener. Easy to use and rock-solid. Fits in seconds.

DURABILITY BY DESIGN: UV resistant polyurethane strap is tough and reliable. High-performance, stretch polymer material for ultimate durability.

REPLACEMENT STRAPS: The 9" gear straps come standard with the Smuggler series handlebar bags.

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