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Top Tube Bag

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Color: Black EPX
Black EPX
Black Multicam EPX

The easiest top tube bag to open while riding. The secret? Magnets.

The latest experiment to come out of our Design Labs is the Top Tube Bag. A priceless piece of real estate for bags whether you're bikepacking or gravel racing. Ours uses a special magnetic zipper that allows for instantaneous one-handed opening and closing.

It attaches via two Velcro straps or can bolt on via the grommets if your bike is equipped. Non-slip material along the base, and a line-loc paracord strap around the steerer tube keeps the bag in place. A cable port allows you to power your lights or computer with a power bank sheltered from the environment.

Updated for 2023 to be slightly larger (it should now fit even the biggest phones), oval grommets for more fitment adjustability, and multiple positions for the head tube strap.


True One-Handed Access

Our magnetic closure provides easy one-handed access while riding to your snacks and gear. Just reach your hand in - when you remove it the bag automatically closes. Meaning you can enjoy riding more and worrying about losing your snacks.

tech specs


Durable and lightweight Challenge Sailcloth EPX material

Magnetic Zipper



1 Liter


1 Main compartment with 1 handed access

Cord port for charging lights and computers


2x Velcro straps

Adjustable headtube paracord Line-loc

¼" Grommets for top tube bolts

easy access magnetic opening

The magnetic zipper on our top tube bag provides quick and easy one-handed access to food, electronics, and other items. It even self closes keeping your possessions in the bag - not on the road.

Gravel cyclist in white t-shirt on a trail in San Diego, using the Orucase Magnetic Top Tube Bag.

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