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Designed and built by cyclists, Orucase makes gear for adventures on the bike. From the world's most compact bike travel cases, to saddle bags, handlebar bags, and more. we strive to create products that make riding and traveling with a bike more convenient and more fun, so that we can all ride more places, more often.

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built for the adventure ahead

Adventure riding and travel essentials for all cyclists.

summer 2022 gear

Premium adventure Cycling  travel Gear

It all started with compact bike cases. We didn’t set out to create a whole new category in bike travel cases - we simply saw bike fees as an obstacle that stood in the way of reaching our goals in cycling. Ten years later - now we're ‘recovering roadies’ and more about the experience of riding rather than our performance.

Now don’t get us wrong - high performance gear is what we do - all products have a lifetime guarantee and use the best materials available. But we’ve come to relish the experience of riding, seeing nature's sights, and meeting people around the world. In fact we think performance and experience combine synergistically to form an axiomatic truth - by having long-lasting gear you can travel, meet more cultures and see more sights, which only reinforces your commitment to making the world a better place for current and future generations, and flows right back into sustainable, long-lasting gear for your adventures.

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handlebar bags

Adventure cycling essentials designed for performance,
and maximizing your time outside.

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Our gear has been featured in: 

Saddle Bags

Our saddle bags take inspiration from the heavily cracked roads of Tucson we rode while chasing the pro dream. 

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frame bags

Aero storage for all-day epics and gravel adventures.

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about us

We like to make stuff at Orucase. 
And it all started with trying to pack a
bicycle into the smallest space possible.

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