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Handlebar Bags

Our water-resistant bike handlebar bags allows you to store your phone, snacks, wallet, and other small items without cluttering your pockets. It's the perfect solution for keeping your essentials close at hand and easily accessible while cycling.

We make thoughtfully designed handlebar bags for whatever adventure you can dream up on your bike. From the original Smuggler, to it's upgraded cousin the Smuggler HC. As well as our Smuggler XL bar bag - a crossover gravel/bikepacking lite solution for all your handlebar mounted needs in a bag.

Handlebar Bags
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  • Smuggler HC Handlebar Bag

    Regular price from £33.00 GBP
    Sale price from £33.00 GBP
  • Smuggler HC Large Handlebar Bag

    Regular price £90.00 GBP
    Regular price Sale price £90.00 GBP
  • The Smuggler Handlebar Bag

    Mini Handlebar Bag for Cycling - Orucase Smuggler bar bag - zipper open with a multitool and jacket
    Regular price £37.00 GBP
    Regular price £0.00 GBPSale price £37.00 GBP
  • Orucase Gear Straps

    Regular price £3.00 GBP
    Regular price Sale price £3.00 GBP

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