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Photos + Words: Colin Jaskiewicz

San Diego doesn't have quite the same clout as other cycling centric cities. With the Pacific to the west, Mexico to the south, deserts inland, and endless suburbia to the north - you've got your pick of cruises up the coast on flat terrain, massive mountainous days when the weather is cooler inland, and endless adventure south of the border. Yet tucked within the city proper and its highways we've got canyons.

These canyons split up San Diego's terrain, making it harder to get from neighborhood to neighborhood. A lot of the time roads just end before plunging down into a thickly forested canyon. Yet with a little exploring you soon find a lot of these canyons have trails. We teamed up with our friends at Gravelstoke to host a little urban adventure ride connecting all of our favorite canyon trails (and some new ones). At the end of the day we covered 65 kilometers, with just under 50% of it on trail.




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