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It all started with compact bike cases cases. We didn’t set out to create a whole new category in bike travel cases - we simply saw bike fees as an obstacle that stood in the way of reaching our goals in cycling. Ten years later - now we're ‘recovering roadies’ and more about the experience of riding rather than our performance.

Now don’t get us wrong - high performance gear is what we do - all products have a lifetime guarantee and use the best materials available. But we’ve come to relish the experience of riding, seeing nature's sights, and meeting people around the world. In fact we think performance and experience combine synergistically to form an axiomatic truth - by having long-lasting gear you can travel, meet more cultures and see more sights, which only reinforces your commitment to making the world a better place for current and future generations, and flows right back into sustainable, long-lasting gear for your adventures.




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With over 30 years racing experience and a combined 600+ flights with bikes between us, we understand the needs of cyclists intimately. From recreational riders on a bike tour, gravel grind, or fondo, all the way to Tour de France pros. We’ve taken our insights from these years of traveling and racing to design products that improve the way cyclists explore the world by bike. This means innovating new ways to help cyclists take their prized possession with them to more places, more often. Designed by cyclists at our San Diego location - our gear is minimal, yet overbuilt. We use high quality technical laminate materials and YKK waterproof zippers - that won't wear out or break like the cheaper options on the market.


Every Orucase product is 100% carbon-neutral. At no cost to our customers, we leverage our scale to make investments that directly lower carbon emissions. A percentage from every Orucase product goes to purchasing carbon dioxide emission permits from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the preeminent carbon market in the northeastern United States. Our investments go directly to lowering the market’s carbon cap, limiting how much polluters are able to emit, while reinvesting profits into renewable energy development.


Orucase is proud of the quality and performance of all our products. Not only do we design and test our products in-house, we also rely on them every day when traveling and riding. These days the term Lifetime Guarantee seems to have lost some of it’s sparkle. So just to be clear, this is what the term means to us. We make our products to last. So in the year 2064 when you’re out on your e-hoverbike, enjoying the modern world: Electric cars that always give three feet. Traffic lights that always turn green. Bionic pistons for legs. In that moment we want you to look down at that timeless Orucase product strapped to your bike and think… Yep. Got my money’s worth with that one.



I LOVE this bag. I'm pretty new to the gravel racing scene, but having a strong cycling background from being a triathlete, I can be competitive in some races. However, as I mentioned Triathlete, my handling skills are average, and I get nervous that I might get dropped from the pack, or come off when fumbling around in my back pocket or other zipped bags. This top tube bag allowed me to fuel while racing while staying on the pack. The magnets were easy to put my hand in and obtain the nutrition I wanted but also closed securely that nothing was at risk of falling out. This bag is a must! - FYI first race with this bag and 1st female across the line and still felt good because I was able to fuel during the 50-mile race.


HUGE difference from other bar bags!

With the recent Handle Bar Bag trend, I wanted to get one for myself and see what the hype is all about. As I was searching for which one to purchase, a friend purchased one for me (will not name the brand). But, when The Smuggler arrived, you can tell the HUGE difference. The strap system, is much more durable, and NEVER gets loose. The zipper quality of the Orucase is also much better, and the bag holds tight and true. If you are looking for quality, a perfect size, and a Handlebar bag that will exceed your expectations, this is the one.


I have used an Orucase Airport Ninja since 2014 and can't tell you how many bike fees I've avoided over the years, it's easily many thousands of dollars. While my old case is still going strong, I was happy to try out the B2 and it is incredible. The design of the case, including the wheel bags and multiple carrying strap and handle options is very intuitive and even the "unboxing" is fun when you find out how compact the case can get when you're not using it. For my bike, it's 3 allen wrenches and about 10-15 minutes to get the bike all packed and ready to roll (literally!) on to the airport. The whole set up, with a bike packed, is also light enough to put all kinds of extras in with your bike like nutrition, a soft-sided tool case, cycling kits, shoes, etc. Well done to the Orucase crew over the years with any questions or anything I've had as well, there are great people behind these really good products, that's all I need to keep coming back.