Saddlebag Instructions

To securely install the Orucase Saddle Bag with ski strap attachment system to your bike, follow these easy instructions. 
Step One: Insert the ski strap into the loop on the bag bag with the Orucase logo facing out. This will ensure proper orientation of the strap's buckle. 
Orucase saddlebag with strap installed properly
Step Two: Route the ski strap between both saddle rails and the saddle, as you would any other saddlebag. 
Saddlebag strap routed properly through saddle rails.
Step Three: Feed the strap end through the loop on the strap buckle.
Strap end fed properly through strap buckle loop
Step Four: Pull to introduce tension and insert the buckle hook into one of the holes on the strap. Tuck the strap end into the fabric loop on the bag, the plastic strap keeper, or simply underneath the saddle.
Strap properly installed and secured on Orucase Saddlebag