Becoming an (Airport) Ninja.

Becoming an (Airport) Ninja.

If you've found this site you probably already know that we specialize in making compact, stealthy bike cases that sneak through airport check-ins.

Because we know that being an Airport Ninja is more than just buying The Airport Ninja from Orucase, we started this blog to serve as a training ground for current and future Airport Ninjas to build and refine their ninja skills.

"Ninja skills?" What is that you may ask? Ninja skills are tips and tricks from us at Orucase. Skills we’ve learned from traveling and racing road bikes both domestically and internationally. We’ll go over how to pack using our case, as well as how to pack minimally and still have everything you need on your cycling trips.

We’ll also have some trip reports using our bags from as far away as Mongolia. An inside look into the design process, sneak peeks of prototypes and future products, and even deals on gear.

In Kill Bill, Uma Thurman didn’t become a  ninja overnight, you too shouldn't expect to master the ways of The Airport Ninja without a little practice. Tune in every other week to see what new lessons our Ninjas are coming up with to help better prepare you for the battle against paying bike fees, and packing smarter for your trips.