The All-New Sub62

An ultra-compact travel case for road bikes and S&S coupled-frame travel bikes.

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The World's Smallest, Lightest Bike Travel Case.

Start saving on bike fees now

Readiness Reinvented.

The first saddlebag with a rattle-free ski strap attachment system

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On a Roll.

Epic Adventure Sold Separately.

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Stronger than Steel.

A phone wallet made with Dyneema® brand fabric.

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Don't let bike fees stand between you and your destination.

With hard plastic panels and multi-density foam, the Airport Ninja combines the protection of a hard case with the versatility and ease-of-use of a soft case.

Compatible with nearly all bikes, packing requires only one additional step over conventional cases. Backpack straps make it a breeze to carry. Fits easily in the smallest of rental cars and hotel rooms.

The smallest, lightest, and most discreet bike travel case in the world, our customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in excess baggage fees traveling with the Airport Ninja.


Don't take it from us. Hear what our customers have to say.

I've stopped counting how many times I've flown fee-free with my bike. This Orucase absolutely rocks. @paynobikefees #instanttravelbike

I travel for business and in the past was left not riding. My ninja has now been on over 20 flights. I have never been charged a dime to bring my trusty steed with me.

I'm 2-3 for #worstretirementever so far, but 5-0 on not paying oversize charges on planes. Thanks, @paynobikefees!

The bottomline on one trip: $500 in United Airlines fees averted/saved and my bike arrived/returned in perfect shape. Break-even in one trip! My bike is a large aero bike (Cervelo) that I used in an Ironman.

Success on the 1st use. Skipped the $200 bike luggage fee to Europe with my new @paynobikefees

I love this case! Easy to pack in, light, easy to carry, and everything goes into one bag. Both times I have flown with it so far, the check-in people have known it was a bike, but I still managed to get it through without paying an oversize fee.