About Us

Oru: おる to fold; to bend; to make (origami)

We like to make stuff at Orucase. And it all started with trying to pack a bicycle into the smallest space possible. We were bike racers, down to our last bit of cash, trying to make it to the last race of the season to collect our season overall prize purses. But there were these massive bike fees standing in our way, if you’ve ever flown with a bike you’re well aware of the potential costs associated with flying with a bike. So we bought some fabric, foam, and a thrift store sewing machine and got to work turning this flat piece of fabric into a 3 dimensional shape that we could pack our bikes into. We almost had to “fold” our bikes to get it to fit within the airline regulations. Our prototype worked, and soon other racers were asking about our cases, and Orucase was founded.


2009: Origins

We developed the concept for what was to become the Airport Ninja while teammates at the University of Vermont. We realized that bike fees were an avoidable expense that was making it harder for us to pursue our dreams of traveling and racing.



2012: Proof

We built our first bike case when co-founder Isaac Howe was riding for a pro team that had mismanaged its funds and was no longer making payroll or sending its riders to races. Living on the last $50 to his name, his options were simple: either find a way to avoid the bike fee, or don't go to the race where he would collect the prize money for his season overall standing. The case avoided the bike fee, which allowed Isaac finish his season, string together his finances, and sign a contract for the following year with a more prominent team. Soon, others riders in the pro peloton were asking for cases of their own, and Orucase the company was born.

2013-Present: Evolution

After more than a decade of traveling and racing professionally across four different continents, our relationship to the sport we love has changed. We're enjoying the freedom to ride and race for fun in different disciplines, without the singular focus and personal sacrifices that are required to compete at the highest level. Our tires, if nothing else, have gotten a little wider in recent years. But now we have a new dream to pour ourselves into: to create innovative products that help our customers explore the world by bike. At Orucase we believe that if you have the passion to let cycling take you to places you'd never imagined you'd go, bike fees should not stand in your way. We strive to make getting to the start line easy, so you can focus on the finish line.