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Frame Protection Kit

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The reusable Frame Protection Kit is designed for worry-free travel with a bike.

Gone are the days of taping and zip-tying pipe insulation to your bike and having them tear or get worn through on your first trip. Merging unparalleled durability with innovative design, this reusable bike frame protection kit is your bike's ultimate shield against scuffs, impacts, and the wear and tear of travel. Our unique UBL (UnBreakable Loop) exterior complements the meticulously crafted, high-density foam, offering adaptable and reliable protection for every journey. Whether it's a flight, a car trip, or rolling the dice on cross-country shipping, you can rest assured your beloved bike will make it to its destination unblemished.

Advanced Bike Protection

Featuring an UnBreakable Loop exterior and high-density foam, your bike frame won't see a scratch or ding on its next trip.


Adaptable Design

Each of the 7 pieces is designed to fit different bike frame tubes and can be trimmed to fit any bike size, from XS to XL, including road, gravel, mountain, and triathlon bikes.


Fast & Easy Set-up

Velcro straps stick anywhere on the UBL surface, making installation quick and adaptable to any bike geometry.


Complete Coverage

The kit includes pieces for the rear triangle, seat tube, top tube, down tube, fork, seatpost, and crank, ensuring complete coverage.



Lightweight at just 2 lbs (1 kg), the kit is easy to transport and stow when not in use.

Tech Specs


Durable and reusable compressed molded design

High Density Foam

Unbreakable Loop

Design Features

Trimable or foldable to fit most sized bikes

Fits disc or rim brake frames

Covered in Unbreakable loop - velcro sticks anywhere

Complete frame protection

Weight and Dimensions

7 pieces: Rear triangle, seattube, top tube, downtube, fork, seatpost, crank

2 lbs (1 kg)

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