The Orucase Advantage

With over 30 years racing experience and a combined 600+ flights with bikes between us, we understand the needs of cyclists intimately. From recreational riders on a bike tour, gravel grind, or fondo, all the way to Tour de France pros. We’ve taken our insights from these years of traveling and racing to design products that improve the way cyclists explore the world by bike. This means innovating new ways to help cyclists take their prized possession with them to more places, more often.

The main areas we focus on throughout the design process are:

  • Protectiveness
  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Stowability
  • Ease of use
  • Money saving


Speaking of prized possessions… At Orucase we want to create products that stand up to anything you (or the airlines) can throw at them. This means using the highest-quality materials possible. We use highly abrasion- and tear-resistant Nylon fabrics on the exterior of our cases, not the cheap polyester that most other cases are made of. All of our cases feature hard plastic sides, which other travel case manufacturers leave out, also because of the high cost. We test all our products on our own gear, and this attention to detail and quality allows us to give our customers a lifetime guarantee on all our products. 

We didn’t set out to invent a new category of bicycle travel cases; rather, our goal was to find solutions to what we saw as consistent drawbacks among every other travel case available at that time. How do you lug around a case that’s 40 pounds when empty? Where does it go in the taxi, rental car, or hotel room? Where do you store it when not in use? All of our bike cases address these key features of increased portability and stowability. At 1/3rd the size and weight of competitors they’re easy to maneuver through the airport, and fit in virtually all types of taxis and rentals. All of our cases pack down for increased stowability so that they don’t take up valuable real estate on the road or at home.

And who could forget about those bike fees? At upwards of $200 a pop each way, things have definitely gotten out of hand. Especially considering other sports equipment from golf clubs to skis and snowboards fly for free. It’s nice to see some airlines modernizing their policies, but many are still less than desirable in their stance toward flying with a bike. Our customers have an over 90% success rate at avoiding these fees. That means that in 50,000 flights, our customers have kept over $7.5 million in baggage fees in their own wallets, instead padding their airlines'. That’s the Orucase advantage.