The Airport Ninja's Guide to Airlines.

Current bike case baggage fee policies for domestic airlines.

The Airport Ninja has many tricks up their sleeves.  One of which is knowing each airline's policy when it comes to flying with a bike.  Saving $20 on airline X's ticket isn't worth it when Airline X charges double, triple or quadruple what Airline Y does.  Knowing this beforehand can help aid in choosing the least expensive flight with your bike.

At the end of the day these are each airline's policies but experience has shown that they aren't hard and fast rules. Checking in early, or at a smaller airport, choosing the friendliest looking airport check-in person, being friendly to said airline employee, they all add up.

Below is a list of all the domestic airlines ordered from least expensive to most with regards to their bicycle fees. Scroll to the bottom to see links to their respective pages.

Be an Airport Ninja.

List of Airline Bicycle Baggage Fee Policies


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Alaska Airlines

Allegiant Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Airlines

Frontier Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines


Southwest Airlines

Spirit Airlines

United Airlines

Virgin America