Help our Medical Professionals

Help our Medical Professionals

With the world facing the growing Coronavirus pandemic, we spent the last week retooling our production facilities to help produce protective face masks for medical professionals. Like many other companies across different industries, we're hoping that we can help provide much needed protective personal equipment (PPE) to help battle the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With our experience producing sewn products, we thought this was where we could best help. By retooling our production line we've begun making both consumer-focused surgical masks, as well as medical-grade masks.

The proceeds from the sale of our consumer masks will be used to facilitate the production of more masks for medical workers. The purchase of one consumer mask, available on our webstore, will help us produce and donate up to 20 masks for medical professionals.

Additionally, we invite you to help connect us with connections or companies manufacturing any of these specialty fabrics and materials for potential partnerships. Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas. 

Reusable Adult Face Mask

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