Ninja's For Hire!

Ninja's For Hire! | Orucase

Today we introduce the next generation offering from Orucase: your own personal ninja!

Pay a one time fee and you can have your own trained ninja to sneak your bicycle on to the plane with no excess baggage fees, guaranteed or your money back! There's no bike too big or too small just like our Airport Ninja Bike Travel Case. These ninjas are the best money can buy, we select only ninjas from the best secret ninja training centers. Only ninja masters in infiltration and disguise are selected, some are even said to be able to shapeshift and turn invisible, just what you need on your next trip with your bike!

Be sure to buy your ninja today! Supplies are limited!

orucase ninja flying kick interbike


Not quite sure you need a trained ninja everytime you fly? For the rest of us, Our Airport Ninja Bike Travel Case is the next best thing.

The Orucase Airport Ninja is the only bicycle case designed by cyclists to avoid excess baggage fees. We build every bike case to order in house, this allows us to accommodate every customer's unique needs, while building the highest quality product. We can build cases for any sized bike. The best part is that compared to a traditional hardshell case design ours requires only one additional step in packing, the removal of the fork! The next time you get charged $150+ each way traveling with your bicycle, remember that the Airport Ninja Bike Case is the solution to stop paying bike fees!

 orucase airport ninja bike travel case