Orugins #2

Orugins #2

Where did "Orucase" even come from?

Oru (折る):
1. to bend, to fold


Our name, Orucase, was inspired by origami and the ability to take a single flat piece of material and turn it into so much more.  Both from our patterning and from turning a built bicycle into the smallest possible shape and volume.  

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Check out the Miura Fold (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miura_fold) to see an amazing application of rigid origami.

All of this is visible in the company logo. a single folded strip of pixels.  This type of thought out design, attention to detail and minimalism is displayed in the Airport Ninja cycling case.  All black with no discernable logos to tip off the airlines, yet everything you need to travel with your bike on the inside.

 Orucase Logo


The Airport Ninja is the way to pack smart, small and stealthily when flying with a bicycle all the while saving up to $200 each way in excess baggage fees.  Be an Airport Ninja.

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