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Saddle Bag HC

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We think our saddle bags are the best. They take inspiration from the heavily cracked roads of Tucson we rode while chasing the pro dream.

Too many inner tubes, multi tools and favourite tire levers went bouncing off into the desert before we decided it was time to make our own. We use rubber straps instead of velcro that keep everything cinched down, don’t wear out, and won’t chafe your shorts. Our new updated version includes internal elastic loops to keep everything organised, and a clamshell design for easy access to all your gear.


Rattle-free, Secure Fit

We use gear straps to attach our bags to our bikes. They're super strong and the buckle allows you to cinch down the bag keeping it secure and rattle free whether its full or empty. The gear straps won't wear out like hook and loop, and since we don't need an extra strap on the seatpost it won't wear out your shorts and is compatible with dropper posts!

Reflectives to Make Sure You're Seen in all Conditions

We know that being seen is one of the most important factors for being safe while riding on the road. Yet not everyone wants to wear neon green clothing. Our saddle bags come with a special black reflective accent and printed fabric that looks black under normal lighting, but pops in a bright silver from headlights and other direct lights.

Two Sizes Based on What YOU like to Carry

We offer our cycling saddle bags in two sizes. A 25 cubic inch, and a 30 cubic inch size. Just carry one road tube to keep that sleek, minimalist look on your aero bike? The 25 is the size for you. Ride a 29er, or carry multiple tubes and co2's to handle whatever comes your way? Then the 30 is size to get.


What size bag is right for you? 


Do you find yourself gazing off in the direction of gravel roads unventured? Whispering ‘just one more mountain before home’. Emboldened by the knowledge that your saddle bag has enough room for a 29er, or two gravel tubes, co2, spare chain links, Swiss Army Knife and your local coffee shop loyalty card? If the answer to any of these questions is yes... Then you’re a SB30. 


Do you shave your legs? Do you often consider the aerodynamics of different parts of your body? Do you spend your day dreams thinking more about watts per kilo than what you’d do if you ever ended up stuck in the middle of the wilderness? If yes then the smaller SB25 is probably your bag.

tech specs


Kevlar reinforced X-Ply material

Waterproof #8 YKK Zipper

Bartacked Hypalon reinforcement and attachment points

1x 15" Ski strap with tail keeper

Dense foam liner keeps bag padded

Black reflective print


SB25: 2.5x4x2.5" (25 cubic inches)

SB30: 2.5x4.3.0" (30 cubic inches)


Internal shockcord loops to keep tubes and tools organized

Slim pocket for patches, cash, or card

Female cyclist retrieves bike repair essentials from her saddlebag while on a ride.

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