To properly assemble your new Orucase B2 travel case, follow these easy instructions. The assembly process is the same regardless of size; our B2-MTB is shown in the photos below.

Step One: Unbox your new B2 travel case. The case will come in it's packed-down mode, making it more convenient to store in small spaces. Begin by unhooking the webbing retention straps as shown. These retention straps can be stowed in the two built-in sleeves located on the side panel of the case.

Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case - folded downG-Hook retention strap for B2 bike case

Step Two: Unfold the fabric upper and zipper tongue, and remove the other case components that are packed in the protective tub. These items will include two foam-lined wheel bags, two compression-molded foam side panels, and one foam/hard plastic liner.

Orucase B2 travel case - wheel bags, side panels, inner liner shown

Step Three: Place the foam / plastic liner into the base of the case, with the hook velcro facing up. Once the protective side panels are installed, you'll then match the hook velcro with the loop velcro sewn into the fabric upper portion of the case (shown below).

Orucase B2 compression liner - inserted into base of case

Step Four: Locate the protective side panels for installation. One side panel will have a zipper pull attached, while the other does not. Match the side panel without a zipper pull with the side of the case with a built-in zipper pull. Insert the side panel with the smooth side facing the outer fabric material, line up the zipper, and install. Follow the same steps for the second side panel.

Orucase B2 bike case - zippered side panelZippered side panel for Orucase B2-MTB bike case

Step Five: Once the protective side panels have been zippered into your case, you can fold the bottom foam / plastic liner up to provide compression support near the base of the case. You can now access the easy-storage pockets built into this liner. 

Outer retention straps for B2 BIKE CASE

Step Six: Begin to pack your new case, following our packing instructions to ensure safe and successful transportation of your bike. Once packed, close the zipper tongue and secure your case by attaching and tightening all retention straps built into the upper edge of your B2 case.

Outer retention straps for B2 BIKE CASE

To stow your case properly when not in use, follow these simple steps in reverse! Feel free to reach out to us if you need any further guidance by emailing us at info@orucase.com, and enjoy your trip with your Orucase B2 travel case!