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Mini Frame Pack

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Color: Black
Golden Daze
Ocean Blue
Tropic Teal

Discover Adventure with Our Redesigned Mini Frame Pack

As a cyclist, you know the thrill of hitting the open road and exploring new horizons. But every journey requires essential gear and equipment, and finding a reliable and convenient storage solution can be a challenge.

A Mini Wedge Styled Frame Bag Designed for All Cyclists

As cyclists, we all know the feeling of wanting to pack everything we might need on a ride, but not wanting to sacrifice style or comfort. That's where our Mini Frame bag comes in. With its sleek and aerodynamic design, it provides that extra bit of storage you need without compromising your ride.

It might look just fine from the front, but keep overfilling those back pockets and your favorite jersey’s gonna end up looking like an 80’s mullet. Flapping against your backside while your friends reminisce about the bad fashions of a bygone era.

Avoid this tragedy with the Mini Frame Pack: Designed to give you that extra bit of storage for snacks, clothing, camera, and phone. Whether you're out on an epic gravel ride, or rocking a t-shirt and bibs cruising around town, the mini frame bag has you covered.

Ultimate Convenience and Versatility - Universal fit, compatible with bikes of all shapes and sizes.

At Orucase, we understand the importance of versatility and convenience for adventure cyclists. Our Mini Frame Pack is specifically crafted for riders who seek the ultimate in functionality and style. Made from high-quality materials and built to last, this bag is the perfect embodiment of our design philosophy  - ensuring that you can focus on your ride without worrying about your gear. Its durable and water-resistant construction protects your essentials from the elements, keeping them safe and secure at all times.

Tech Specs


Challenge Sailcloth EPX200

Burly #8 YKK Aquaguard Zipper

Foam structural liner



2.4 Liters


Thin non-driveside pocket for phone and wallet

2" deep driveside pocket for snacks, cameras, clothing


5x Velcro straps

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