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2017: The Year of The Ninja.

2017: The Year of The Ninja.

Here's what you missed in 2016

2017 will be the year of the airport ninja! Here's a roundup of our best and most popular moments of 2016. We've included reviews from CyclingTips, and PezCyclingNews. Articles that mention us from Bicycling Magazine, and BikeRadar. Awards for Companies we work with from InterBike. As well as our most popular blog posts, a mix of knowledge we've picked up from racing over the years, and information to help you save even more money the next time you fly.


Ninja Blur


CyclingTips Review

CyclingTips Logo

"...Just as Orucase says, the Airport Ninja drew little attention from airline gate agents. Not one asked what was inside the inconspicuous black case and on only one occasion did I pay a supplemental fee (for additional luggage, not a bike) — offsetting the purchase price of the case by more than threefold after just four round-trip journeys..."

Read the rest of the Review here


Pez Cycling News Review

"...The Oru Airport Ninja travel case is light & sturdy, big enough to pack a full sized bicycle, but small enough to avoid those hefty fees the airlines love to charge to anyone travelling with a bike.  Matt McNamara flew his to Asia, and returned with this review..."



Bicycling Magazine

5 Bike Cases That Evade the Airline Bike Fee

"...One of the coolest features of the case is that it’s built custom, so the size is perfectly matched to your bike..."

Bicycling Magazine


Bike Radar Holiday Cycling Gifts

We made Bike Radar's annual holiday gift guide, for the cyclist who has everything!

Bike Radar Gift Ideas



Interbike & CrossVegas
One highlight of our trip to Interbike was seeing NDVR Cycles win a best of award from Gear Patrol.  NDVR designed from the ground up the best breakaway styled bike utilizing designs and manufacturing made in the US from the like of Niner, Lynskey, and Orucase.  We're proud to say that we make in house 100% of the sub 62 inch travel cases that come with every bicycle purchased from NDVR.
NDVR Interbike
And we got to watch our boy from Vermont, Jamey Driscoll, throw down at CrossVegas.

Our Top 3 Blog Posts

1. The clear winner.  A short list of tips and tricks we've learned from our combined 20+ years of bike racing.

5 Tricks Pro Bike Racers Don't Want You To Know About Riding In Cold, Wet Weather.



2. Why being a sprinter kinda sucks...

The Plight Of The Sprinter

The Plight of the sprinter


3. Our guide to airline baggage policies.

The Airport Ninja's Guide To Airlines



Here's to a year full of tailwinds.

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