Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Bikes). 5 Ways To Travel With Your Airport Ninja.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Bikes). 5 Ways To Travel With Your Airport Ninja.

We’ve already touted The Airport Ninja’s ability to fly for free. But what about the rest of the trip?

Flying is just one leg of your journey. You’ve got to get to the airport in the first place and depending on where you are and how many people you are traveling with you might have to accomplish this in a variety of ways.  The Airport Ninja stands out in all aspects of traveling with a bike.

Walking with The Airport Ninja

Walking: Our soft-shell construction and small size make our case the easiest to carry. Backpack straps allow you to free up your hands and use your strongest muscles.  Did we mention the case weighs only 9 pounds?

Cycling: A true Airport Ninja can ride to the airport with our case on their back and pack their bicycle right there, the only tools needed are a small multitool and pedal wrench.

Automobiles: Have you ever tried to fit multiple hard cases into a car? Due to our much smaller dimensions it is possible to fit up to twice as many Airport Ninja cases with bikes into the back of your car or a rental.  Perfect for team camps or vacation with friends.  Our soft-shell design also allows The Airport Ninja to be stored virtually flat, freeing up trunk space if you have access to a vehicle with a bike rack.

This space saving ability and lightweight make it much easier to travel by taxi or bus in faraway places. Remember, the US is the only place you’ll find a Big Rig Suburban XXL rental as the norm.

Trains: Clockwork like efficiency, used extensively in Europe and Asia. A little known fact. Our case is the only Cycling case on the market that meets the luggage size requirements in multiple European countries. Namely, France and Italy. Don’t be left behind on your next trip to two of the most popular countries for cycling.

Planes: 'Nuff Said.


Happy Holidays from Orucase. 2017 is the year to unleash your inner ninja.