The Plight of The Sprinter

The Plight of The Sprinter

Or why being a sprinter is awesome, but kinda sucks most of the time.

As I start training on the bike again, I’m reminded of the very hardships sprinters face.  Sure, I can still bang out 1600+ watts and win a town line sprint, but for the other 3 hours, 59 minutes and 45 seconds of that ride I’ll be holding on for dear life, just hoping they don’t hammer up the next hill.

Although, I don’t suppose it was much different when I raced, sure I was faster, but I was still holding on to the only part of reality that made any sense when you’re digging that deep, the wheel in front of you.  I guess that’s the Yin and Yang of cycling though.  The strongmen have to get rid of the sprinters to win, and we just need to hold on.

Bike Race Suffer

And that’s what makes cycling awesome, the diverse physiology of riders. Where a specific skill set, make up of muscle fibers, fitness, and tactics can make the difference between which single racer will win out of 100.

I still say that just riding the sprinters have it harder and less enjoyable, maybe it’s time for a come back…