5 winter cycling products we’re loving in 2018.

5 winter cycling products we’re loving in 2018. | Orucase

With Winter finally here we've rounded up 5 winter cycling products that are keeping us psyched to ride in 2018.

5. Sealskinz Ultra Grip Gloves

sealskinz gloves


MSRP $55

“Our original, totally waterproof, breathable and windproof, close fitting stretch knit gloves, incorporating our patented Stretchdry technology. These gloves give excellent grip, control and dexterity for a range of outdoor activities.”

We’ve been using these down into the 30’s, where they’ve been good for shorter/harder rides. The windproofedness keeps them running a little warm as they don’t breathe. But thats great, as it allows a thinner glove that you can actually feel the bars with.


4. Next Cycling Neck Buff

Next Cycling Neck Buffs



A gift from one of the U23 professional cycling teams we work with and used to ride for. These neck buffs are versatile. Use them to cover your neck as your warming up, they’re stretchy enough to be taken off with your helmet on, and breathable enough that you won’t fog up your glasses when the suns setting and you’ve got you entire face covered.


3. Ass Savers Fenders

Ass Savers Fender


MSRP $11

“The original saddle mudguard that keeps water and dirt off your butt in all kinds of weather. Attaches to your saddle in seconds!”

An ingenious take on the fender. Great for the roadie who realizes you’re going to get wet on a winter training ride, but wants just enough protection from spray on themselves, and the rider behind them.


2. Kreitler 2.25” Alloy Rollers

Kreitler Alloy Rollers



Forget the trainer. Rollers have been our go to since our days at the University of Vermont. Being able to stand up, stretch, and move the bike around far outweighs any advantage of a smart trainer. Being able to work on high cadence and form is another advantage. When you can do your threshold intervals in the 53x11 on the 2.25” model you know you’re cooking with oil.


1. The Gym

Chris Hoy Leg press

As pro’s we didn’t do much gym work. Now that we’re older we’ve noticed big gains in general health, our weak spots, and prevention of injury. It doesn’t take much either. 2-3 times a week of getting in at most an hour seems to work great. Throw in some Bulgarian split squats, hex bar deadlifts, some pushups and dips, and some core work and your ready to go.