The Saddle Bag

The Saddle Bag | Orucase

Introducing the Saddle Bag by Orucase.

The First Saddle Bag To Use A Ski Strap Attachment System.

For years we've had a bone to pick with the way most saddle bags attach to bikes. Velcro wears out, and doesn’t have the best grip when it comes to compressing your bag. Buckles are either big and bulky, or so small you have a hard time pinching them to get them to release. Recently we’ve seen high(er) tech systems like BOA and integrated options, but these open up new, and unnecessary problems.

Keeping it simple allows for increased compatibility, ease of use (think of bulky gloves, a setting sun, and decreasing temps…), and best of all durability. Enter the ski strap: long trusted by backcountry skiers; the strap can be used to lash skis together, fix broken boot buckles, or broken poles. Bikepackers have been using them recently, but they had been missing from the road world until we introduced our Saddle Roll this fall.

Orucase Saddle Bag

The slightly stretchy rubber and slip-proof buckle allows a 2-to-1 mechanical advantage for tightening. This allows us to use a single strap to attach the saddle bag while keeping it rock solid, regardless of contents. Try cinching down a partially-empty saddle bag with most of the velcro straps on the market… We can also do away with the 2nd strap that is generally used to keep the bag stable by attaching to the seat post, which in reality just hits your thighs and is more annoying than anything else. This gives you a simple, strong and durable attachment point that is easy to use. You meticulously selected every component on your bike. Why settle for just any saddle bag? 

 Orucase Saddle Bag

Our Saddle bag is designed to be a minimal and compact way to store the essentials on your bike without getting in the way. It compliments our Saddle Roll (which has separate pockets for each tool) by having a single compartment. Tested to hold the two most common combinations of tools: 1x tube, 1x multi-tool, 1x Co2, 1x patch kit, and tire levers. Or, for frame pump users: 2x tubes, 1x multi-tool, 1x patch kit, and tire levers. Measuring 4x2.5x2”, this gives you 20 cubic inches to store any combination of tools you prefer.  

Orucase Saddle Bag


With the payload determined, we set about designing the ergonomics to reflect what a cyclist would want. We wanted to skip the cheap materials and construction, and provide something that looks worthy of bike that costs as much as some cars.

Made out of Dimension Polyant VX42 X-Pac; a high-tech laminate made here in the USA that combines ripstop polyester, Hydro State waterproof construction, and a 420 denier nylon face. Originally designed for racings sails in America Cup boats this resulted in an extremely abrasion resistant, waterproof (to 200 psi!), hydroscopic (Doesn’t absorb moisture), UV resistant, and tear resistant fabric. VX42 is stronger and lighter than most fabrics on the market. Another benefit to being a laminate is that the exterior of our saddle bag is black, while the interior is white, allowing you to see the contents of your bag more easily.

An asymmetrical waterproof zipper allows for easier access to contents while the bag is still attached to the bike. No more needing to remove your bag every time you need to access a tool. Removing the bag from the bike reveals an extra 1.5" of zipper for a wider opening and easier packing. The waterproof zipper compliments the X-Pac body ensuring the saddle bag will be up for the task at hand, whether road riding in the rain, or gravel grinding through mud.

Orucase Saddle Bag

A 3M reflective tab front and center adds to your safety and visibility on the road, while a leather patch and triple stitched webbing keep the bag attached and safe from seatpost hardware abrasion.

Orucase Saddle Bag