Phil's Cookie Fondo

Phil's Cookie Fondo | Orucase

Last weekend we had the pleasure of traveling to Los Angeles, California for Phil Gaimon's Phil's Cookie Fondo. Orucase sponsors Phil for his Worst Retirement Ever video series, and flying with his 58cm Cannondale in the Airport Ninja he has paid zero bike fees, so when he called us up to offer a spot at the sponsor expo we jumped at the opportunity.  So much of our business is done online and over the phone, the opportunities we get to talk face to face with customers are such a great reminder of why we do what we do. 

We met a customer named Joey who bought his case two years ago and had flown with it about 50 times. He flies for work and rides a lot more often now that he can bring his bike along with him. We were also excited to meet a more recent customer, Andrew Ference, and thank him again for bringing the Stanley Cup to Boston in 2011. 

The ride itself was on Sunday, but most of the action for us was on Saturday at the sponsors expo. Riders filtered in over several hours to pick up their registration, eat some free cookies, chat with Phil, and check out the sponsor booths. We got to break in our brand new pop-up tent and Orucase tablecloth, as well as show off the Airport Ninja and the Saddle Roll. 

The day of the ride was a little slower for us because for most of the day the 1200 riders were, well, riding. It was only Colin and I manning the booth so unfortunately neither of us got to ride. Perhaps for the better though because neither of us are in great shape right now and it was brutally windy. Fortunately Phil chose a great barbecue joint to cater the event, so we had brisket to entertain us while we waited for the riders to trickle in. 

It was incredible to see how well-organized the event was and how many people showed up. I definitely recommend it - but be aware that the 1200 spots for next year will fill up fast. We’re definitely looking forward to riding next year - I guess we’ll have to pull straws for who has to man the booth. 


Check out Phil's Worst Retirement Ever, where he goes for the KOM on some of the most infamous Strava segments in the country.

Read his new book Draft Animals, available on Amazon.

Also lookout for details on next year's fondo at