Bike Travel Cases Under 62 Linear Inches?

Bike Travel Cases Under 62 Linear Inches? | Orucase

Well, you've found us... The only bicycle case designed by cyclists that can come in under the 62 linear inch airline limit.

Orucase Airport Ninja Bike Travel Case under 62 linear inches


As former bike racers, traveling with a hardshell case was a pain. Not only is it heavy and cumbersome, but the fees killed us. That's why we used our experience and some tricks of the trade to design the Airport Ninja, the only bicycle travel case that can come in under 62 linear inches for certain frame sizes.

We can build cases for everything from an XS to XXL road bike, cases for bikes with integrated seatposts, and even full suspension mountain bikes. The best part is that compared to a traditional hardshell case design ours requires only one additional step in packing, the removal of the fork! If you remove your cranks we can make it even smaller, shoot us an email to hear all your options. The next time you get charged $150+ each way traveling with your bicycle, remember that the Airport Ninja Bike Case is the solution to stop paying bike fees!