Our 5 Winter Cycling Gear Favorites.

Our 5 Winter Cycling Gear Favorites. | Orucase

Last week we wrote about some tricks of the trade we've picked up from cycling for a combined 20+ years, most of them in Vermont. Which, if you've never been there, is quite cold in the winter. Some might say Arctic.

ccb winter

Our love of cycling and design has lead us to continually refine our gear of choice, and due to those years in Vermont we've found some favorite winter cycling gear. Check out last week's blog on our tips and tricks to survive riding in cold weather, or scroll down to check out some of our favorite winter gear.



Orucase's 5 Winter Cycling Gear Favorites.


1. It all starts with a base.

Having 3+ different weight baselayers can really help set the foundation for the rest of your clothing on that day. We’re a big fan of Craft baselayers and use a combination of those with our cycling kits depending on the weather forecast and type of riding we'll be doing.

orucase winter cycling gear favorites craft baselayers

2. Hats on hats.

Did you know that roughly 30% of your body’s heat is lost through the head? Combining a warm winter hat with a helmet can be tough. Although as soon as the merino wool Rapha Winter Hat came out I bought one. Still going strong after 12 years.

orucase winter cycling gear favorites rapha hat

3. Minimal Gore-Tex Shells.

Having a thin, stoppable shell can make all the difference on extremely cold days, and long descents.  Our favorite was Gore Bike Wear's. A minimal design, with one small pocket and no vents allows it to stuff easily into a jersey pocket.

Orucase winter cycling gear favorites Gore Bike wear gore-tex jacket

4. Insulated bottles.

The Camelbak Podium Big Chill 25oz Bottle was our favorite for long winter rides. It allowed us to keep a 2.5-3 standard bottles worth of warm drinks without having to stop and refill.

Orucase winter cycling gear favorites camelbak insulated bottles

5. Knog Lights.

With less daylight, and poorer visibility, being seen is important. At Orucase we want you to go unseen in the airport, not the road... Having a small rechargeable light can be helpful when you get that flat or bonk and are chasing the sunlight home. We've always liked the Knog lights, usb rechargeable, quick release, and small.

Orucase Winter cycling gear favorites Knog lights