How to MacGyver a Dropout Protector

How to MacGyver a Dropout Protector

How to MacGyver a Dropout Protector: Crafting Adventure-Ready Gear

Before you ship off into the sunset, let's talk brass tacks—protecting the very steed that carries you. Your bike’s dropouts, those unsung heroes holding your wheels steadfast, deserve more than a nod. They're the part of your bike to protect against damage.

Gear Up with Cardboard Armor

Grab some cardboard, a sharp blade, and let's get crafty. Cardboard, that humble warrior, is your first line of defense. It's tough, it's available, and with a few precise cuts, it will snugly shield your bike’s dropouts from the woes of travel. Layer it, tape it, make it impenetrable. 

Forge Your Protector

Eject the wheel and dive into the heart of your bike to measure the dropout's width. Cut a long strip, and a rectangle measuring 8" by the width of your dropout. Shape your cardboard into a steadfast guardian that fits like a glove.  Secure these protectors with tape, ensuring they stand resilient against any turbulence they'll face en route.

Embrace this DIY guide as your manifesto to travel fearlessly with your bike in tow. It’s not just about reaching your destination but reveling in the stories you’ll tell once you get there. With Orucase’s guide, you’re not just packing; you're preparing for an epic tale of adventure.