S'maurten Bars Recipe

S'maurten Bars Recipe

Blazing Trails with DIY S'mores Energy Bars: A Gastronomic Ride into the Unknown

In the twisted, sun-scorched realm of the relentless cyclist, where every pedal stroke screams for mercy and the horizon forever taunts with elusive promises of respite, there emerges a beacon of salvation—not from some high-tech laboratory, but conjured from the primal comforts of our collective childhood. Today, we're not just mixing ingredients; we're igniting a rebellion against the sterile energy solutions of the past. Prepare to fuel your journey with a concoction that marries the wild spirit of s'mores with the brute necessity of endurance. These homemade energy bars promise to propel you through the wind like a bat out of Hell itself.


What You'll Need

  • a baking tray
  • oats
  • rice krispies
  • corn syrup
  • sugar
  • cocoa
  • marshmallows
  • salt
  • optional nut butter



Begin by mixing 1 cup oats, 2 cups Rice Krispies, and 1 cup marshmallows into a 9x3x3" baking tray.

In a small saucepan heat up 1 cup corn syrup on a medium heat. Add 1/4 cup of cocoa, 1/4 cup of sugar, a TSP of salt, and an optional 1-2 TBSPs of nut butter. Stir regularly until it reaches a low boil.

Once corn syrup mixture has been at a low boil for a few minutes turn off the heat. Immediately pour in oats, krispies, and marshmallow mixture and stir to coat. Once coated, pour mixture back into baking tray. Cover with saran wrap and use a spatula to compress mixture.

Let cool, cut, and serve.