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LA Sweat 💦 | Orucase

Orucase is proud to partner up with LA Sweat, an all-female criterium squad. They'll be using our Airport Ninja's and Sub62's to transport their bikes this season.

LA Sweat opened the 2019 season with a win at the USA Crits season opener in Birmingham, Alabama, and hope to continue this momentum for the rest of the USA Crits series which spans until September. You can't miss their kits out on the road, so if you see 'em, say hi!

In 2019 LA Sweat is: Christa Ghent, Sarah Coney, Emma Roberts, Marta Morris, Emily Flynn, Ashley Weaver, Dani Morshead, Becca Schepps, & Kelli Samuelson.

To find out more visit LA Sweat or visit their Instagram profiles above!

 LA Sweat