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Zen and The Art of Travel

Zen and The Art of Travel

Stress, Bicycles, Training, and Travel.

As I sit in the airport at 4 am, I’m reminded of the first year I traveled to race full time. And it reminds me of how draining and stressful travel can be.  Even if its hopping in a van or plane with your best friends to go to a bike race. With only so much time in a single day, the hours we spend doing what is necessary; sleeping, eating, working… leave an even smaller portion of the day to do what we all love, ride a bike.

The added stress from these small things add up and need to be factored into how much we can train in a single day, week, month, or year. Getting stressed out from the additional red light or being late to miss a bus (or group ride) can add up to the straw that broke the camel's back. With some additional planning, and a different mindset, one of that the day to day is not something to escape from, but to plan and live in a way that needs no escaping from.

Even if we can only help with lugging around extra weight, and saving some money on each trip, our goal is to help streamline and de-stress-ify traveling with a bicycle so that we can all spend more time doing what we love. Riding.

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